About Evercap Advisors

Connecting top buyers with great companies.

Evercap's Buy-Side Process


Work with top buyers

Our clients are highly reputable and recognized by industry designations like the Inc. Founder Friendly Investors List.


Target specific industries

We work with buyers that are experienced and focused on select industry sectors.


Find great companies

Evercap generates a list of top companies matching our buyers’ investment criteria.


Connect with owners

Evercap speaks with owners regarding a single buyer’s specific interest.


Introduce owners to buyers

Interested owners are introduced to potential buyer via phone or Zoom call.


Coordinate discussions

Our team assists with NDAs and due diligence request lists needed for successful closings.

We put employees at the center of M&A transactions

The M&A Challenge: Traditional M&A often overlooks a critical factor: people. Over 50% of deals fail to achieve strategic goals due to cultural clashes and disengaged employees.


The Evercap Difference: We prioritize transactions that empower employees to thrive. This creates a win-win scenario, maximizing value for employees, sellers, and acquirers.

Our Story

"Buying a company goes beyond the financials; it’s about recognizing the potential in an entrepreneur's lifetime of work and propelling their legacy forward with new perspectives and resources."

Brandon Knapp

Managing Director and Founder

Evercap Wasn't Born in a Boardroom.

It was born from witnessing the impact of bad M&A deals firsthand.

Our founder, Brandon Knapp, saw the struggles his parents faced when their companies were acquired. In one case, layoffs forced his family to relocate. In another, a beloved “small town” gym transformed into a corporate machine, losing its charm and community feel.


These experiences inspire us to ensure companies find the right buyers – ones who value not just the bottom line, but also the employees, culture, and legacy of the business.

M&A can be a powerful tool for growth – but only when done right. That’s why we:

Work with reputable buyers

We know trust is paramount and only partner with buyers who prioritize employees and culture.

Focus beyond

Profits matter, but we believe working with a buyer who values your company’s heart and soul is equally important.

Prioritize clear communication

M&A can be complex. Our team gives clear explanations and timely updates throughout the process.

Find the Right Deal