Business Owners

Bringing compelling deals to leading businesses.

Explore your company's next chapter.

We only work with highly reputable buyers that are not only recognized for their industry achievements but are also firms we personally vouch for. Our clients focus on select industry niches, which they have previously invested in or thoroughly researched. This approach enables them to see angles that other buyers might miss, submit compelling offers, and demonstrate why they are the ideal partner to fuel future growth.

Our 3-Step Process

Evercap Discussion

Discuss Evercap’s client’s interest and learn more about your business.

Buyer Introduction

Introductory Zoom or call with buyer to better understand opportunity.

NDA & Valuation

Sign NDA and request brief financial information to inform a high-level valuation.

We prioritize business owners' time.

We understand business owners are busy. That’s why we prioritize clear and efficient communication. We’ll present a potential offer in a way that’s easy to understand and minimizes back-and-forth information requests.


Even if a deal isn’t the right fit today, we value building relationships. It’s our goal to keep owners informed of future options to make knowledgeable decisions when the time is right.


No Investment Banking/Broker Fees

Fees are paid by the buyer, not the seller.


Streamlined Process

Explore potential deals with minimal business interruption.



Transactions are contemplated with your employees top of mind.


Readily Available References

Discuss with other owners about their process with your potential buyer.

Find the Right Deal