A proactive approach to sourcing proprietary deals

The influx of private equity into the middle market has increased competitiveness in deal making. To help buyers stand out, Evercap has an industry-leading and proven process that cuts through the noise. Our team is led by a Managing Director who has spent his entire career generating proprietary transactions. Additionally, the other members of the team have the industry expertise, operational experience, and a network of contacts to find the right deals.
Create Mandate

- Review client’s business
- Assess M&A goals & criteria
- Create target list

Source Targets

- Contact targets
- Screen & introduce leads
- Facilitate NDA

Initiate Due Diligence & Close

- Gather initial diligence info
- Aid in negotiations
- Assist with offer

Unlike other firms that just provide a list of potential targets or make an infrequent referral, Evercap delivers and manages a continual pipeline of proprietary one-on-one deals. Our secret: Evercap’s senior deal professionals contact prospects through multiple channels with customized messages that detail the specific reasons behind our client’s interest and identify convenient next steps to further discussions. When owners are ready to move forward, we help facilitate a streamlined diligence and closing process. In the case when owners are not immediately looking to sell, Evercap continues to nurture the relationship until the time is right.

For Buyers

One Client Per Industry

We believe a fully-dedicated approach without conflicts generates the best results.

Targeted Approach

We take the time to understand our clients and find prospects that align with their M&A goals.

Your Message Heard

Cut through noisy processes with 1 on 1 conversations with quality companies.

Expanded Deal Flow

More actionable deals, guaranteed.

For Sellers

No Investment Banking Fees

Fees are paid by the buyer, not the seller.

Streamlined Process

Explore potential deals with minimal business interruption.


Transactions are contemplated with your employees top of mind.

Readily Available References

Discuss with other owners about their process with your potential buyer.