Positioning Your Firm for Post-Slowdown Success

9 Tips from Top Dealmakers

Download: Guide to Post Slowdown Sucess

The market might be sluggish – dwindling inbound deals, rising interest rates, and postponed meetings are all signs of a slowdown. But top firms don’t wait it out. They leverage this “down time” strategically.

Evercap’s founder, Brandon Knapp, and thirteen industry seasoned professionals share their insights on how to proactively position yourself for a surge in deal flow once the market rebounds.

The tips are:

  1. Deepen Your Domain Expertise
  2. Build Direct Pipeline
  3. Focus on Adding Value
  4. Nurture Relationships
  5. Get on the Road
  6. Refine Your Tech Stack
  7. Optimize Your Portfolio
  8. Establish New Processes
  9. Invest in Marketing

Please see full article for additional context: Guide to Post Slowdown Sucess

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